SUNBATHER POOL HEAT CALCULATOR: Another Sunbather industry initiative

This Pool Heating calculator is designed to give you an understanding of the “True Costs” of heating your pool with solar, gas, or electricity. Enter your pool location, details, and energy costs, and the calculator will accurately predict your heating bills. The costs shown are annual running costs.

If you require a more detailed running cost analysis and free quotation, please send Sunbather your contact details and we will be in contact with you.


Customer Details
Referred By
Pool Size
Length Width Area
m m
Desired Temperature and Pool Cover
°C (12 hrs/day)
Solar Collector Type/Size to Use
Size to Use
Energy Costs
LPG Natural Gas Electric (Average)
$/MJ $/MJ $/kW/h
Total Cost $/Year
Solar$308.00Pump Running Costs
Gas LPG$12686.27LPG Energy Usage (12 Months)
Gas Nat$6343.13Natural Gas Energy Usage (12 Months)
Heat Pump$4803.73Electric Energy Usage (12 Months)
Un-Heated Temperature °C7.29.613.517.320.623.025.024.421.416.011.18.3
Solar Only Temperature °C12.415.621.025.829.932.935.033.930.323.517.113.8

This simulation contains results and information that are estimates only. When heating a swimming pool, there are certain variables that have not been taken into account with the above results. Sunbather accepts no liability for the content of this simulation, or for the consequences of any action taken based on the content provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing or provided with a detailed quotation and pool heat audit using Sunbather Pty Ltd authorised proprietary programs.

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